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The Ravens, the Dolphins and the Dolphins

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by NaturalBornHitters, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. Hollywood did all that in 12 snaps too - he was targeted on almost half his snaps and a third of his snaps resulted in receptions
  2. I’m sure his family situation plays into his decisions, as they should. I also think he’s been humbled by the NFL, and how quickly things outside of his control can change his life. He seems to be comfortable here in his role as a backup.
  3. For the first time ever, Lamar looked like a quarterback to me.

    For someone who had serious doubts about him, I’m excited to see him play next week to see if that was an aberration or if is a new and improved Lamar and Ravens offense.
  4. Game plan looked very simple, you load up the box then we will go over the top. Not only did they give Lamar time back there but he also used his feet to buy some more time.
  5. that's not how I read it at all. He just doesn't want to go to another team to start, only to be taken over by a young qb they just drafted or a bridge for Nick Foles during injury. I believe he really likes the stability and is tired of moving from team to team and would only do it if it was a great opportunity.
  6. he's also in an offence that's built around a starter's skillset that fits him well also - not many teams would have a system in place that would be built around him (by extension of his similar skillset to the starter)

    add into the fact that he's clearly heavily invested himself in improving lamar and being a mentor figure - he seems to be really enjoying his role in lamar's development - and i think he likes that one of the potential superstars of the league looks to him as a figure of experience and advice
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  7. interesting thing ive just seen - first play of the game we ran behind an unbalanced OL with Stanley starting at the right side of the OL, Boyle lined up at LT and Bozeman pulling across the line from LG - really well executed play with Ricard lead blocking as well
  8. I woke up today not sure if I really saw what I did yesterday or it was an alcohol fueled dream...

    Not just Lamar's play, but goddam that defense is flying. The speed we have is incredible. Tight work, Ozzie. Thank you for that parting gift and damn good job, DeCosta. Not really looking ahead, but with an off season where all the pieces seem to be here on offense, we can finish building the OL next off season and addressing little holes elsewhere. I'm so excited about the present and future of this team.
  9. Ricard is so capable at double duty, he has real potential as a lineman but his progression is limited because he plays FB.
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  10. I don't know though....I was "rock hard" yesterday watching that performance....
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  11. Really hope the Jimmy injury isn't serious. He will be needed this season.
    • Only negative thing about yesterday was the Jimmy Smith injury. Hope it's not too serious and that he'll be able to come back relatively soon. Averett was a mixed bag as his replacement...
    • Couldn't have asked for a better start. Ingram rips off a huge run in his first carry, we drive down the field and Ingram scores our first TD of the season, Thomas gets an INT on our first defensive possession, and then Hollywood takes it to the house on his first two catches in the NFL. DeCosta must have been grinning ear-to-ear watching this unfold because I know that I was.
    • Mosley who? Peanut looked great out there leading the defense and he never had to leave the game due to injury (as usual, Mosley was having an impact for the Jets, but then went out in the 4th with an injury and their defense fell apart to let the Bills come back and win the game).
    • I would have liked to see more sacks yesterday, but we got 3 and a bunch of hits so the pass rush looks okay. Should be interesting to see when we go up against better O-lines, but I'm cautiously optimistic.
    • I can only imagine how dangerous Hollywood is going to be as he gets healthier because he's still not 100% yet and is already dusting corners easily. Also, he probably has the best hands of any WR that we've ever had. On one play, that didn't count because of an accepted penalty on the Dolphins, Lamar threw deep to Hollywood and I believe Howard, correct me if I'm wrong, was draped all over him and yet Hollywood still almost caught the pass.
    • Lamar is a baller and continues to get better. He was throwing dimes all over the field yesterday.
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  12. with regards to averett and jimmy that's obviously a big deal - i think the bigger deal is that averett didnt have the prep and the defense wasnt schemed around jimmy's absence - i fully expect the defence to adjust if jimmy's out and wink will find some solutions to help averett on the outside especially when he's matched up vs better receivers - he did some good things and also got beaten easily at other times - mixed bag is probably the right words for it - however we are also in the best possible situation at corner we've ever been - 2 of our starting corners have gone down and we still have a deep and quality enough unit to perform at a high level

    Not only did Ingram get the 100 yards and 2 tds, not only did ET get a pick on our first defensive possession, not only did hollywood go for 2 long tds straight away but also all of this happened too with regards to offseason acquisitions... miles boykin caught a td, pernell mcphee levelled fitzpatrick, justin bethel got a turnover on special teams, brynden trawick made 2 plays on special teams, justice hill's first run went for over 10 yards

    Peanut looked fast - he had a mixed game in some places but when he goes after plays he doesnt just make them, he makes dominant plays - as he grows he might improve even more - add the way that Judon looked too and these 2 leaders on our defence in the front 7 looked like they stepped up

    in terms of the sacks im not worried yet - fitzpatrick was getting the ball out so fast that the rush didnt have a chance to get home and yet we were consistently getting pressure and qb hits - what was frustrating was the lack of contain for when fitzpatrick got flushed from the pocket - a few times timmy or tyus flushed fitzpatrick and nobody was following up or containing the edge and fitzpatrick with a few steps was able to give himself an extra couple of seconds despite the initial pressure - the finishes should happen as the young guys and the defence as a whole gets more experience given how young we are for the most part at linebacker especially
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  13. I don’t think RG3 is going anywhere, that was more of a joke. I think we want him here to mentor Lamar and Trace but more Lamar and to make him our backup if something should happen God forbid. Now if we’re offered something ridiculous then that’s different but I expect him to stick around here.
  14. Jags just traded for Dobbs (for a 5th).
  15. I know its the first game of his first real season, and its just the lowly Dolphins but man I really hope Lamar can light it up every week like Mahomes.
  16. Yeah I didn’t think RG3 was going anywhere. I’m surprised they went for Dobbs though.
  17. am going to post some of the nuggets i found most interesting from the writeup by @Filmstudy on the defence:

    Patrick Ricard (10 snaps on defense) was used primarily as a situational pass rusher, including 6 snaps as the only down lineman with 3 OLBs. He contributed a cleanup QH (Q1, 2:29) and chased Fitzpatrick left to enable Onwuasor to close for his cleanup sack (Q3, 13:54).

    - i expected ricard to have this sort of role although the 10 snaps is lower than i expected but might be more of a reflection on the low number of available snaps overall in the game for DL - but Ricard being the only DL with 3 OLBs on the field is what i expect to see a lot of in more obvious passing situations - nice that he's being trusted early - and tbf 10 snaps (or 11 as recorded officially) is only a couple of snaps lower than his career high in a game on defence
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