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Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. i genuinely had hollywood in the top 12 players in the 2019 class even with the lisfranc - that's how high i was on him - ive got incredibly high hopes
  2. could be the kind of guy who wins you a fantasy week with just 3 receptions
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  3. I'm in a 32 team league with off+def so you can't have elite players at every position. I'm expecting us to throw a lot more.
  4. And that’s the BOOM! Haha
  5. Every time I see a Hollywood workout video.. the more I fall in love. /confessions
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  6. and he's a much different type of receiver than DJax.

  7. Hollywood gives us another player that can break some ankles.
  8. JK Dobbins doesnt have crazy top end speed but especially in the open field he's got so many highlights where he jukes out second and third level defenders
  9. this is very true
  11. oh my - that's literally only like 4 lbs less than tyreek hill
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  12. This is where I think a lot of the posters on these boards underrate dobbins. Somehow he’s developed this reputation of a steady and consistent back with no wow potential at all, some super safe rb who just follows blocks well but doesn’t have any “special” running talents, but in reality dobbins has a good bit of refining to do, and frequently has defenders looking absolutely silly falling over themselves with just raw elusiveness, and also bounces tf out of tacklers with raw power and drive from his core.

    I’ll admit I went into the draft following these narratives about dobbins, but after a lot of study I think the consensus about dobbins on these boards is well off base, he is in no way this steady eddy average ceiling type, he’s straight up got ray rice/shady McCoy type talent, brilliant elusiveness and a great compact powerful frame and instant acceleration that will make LBs shit their pants.
  13. Literally just told my bro yesterday that he is 165 lol. Fuck
  14. the RB we've drafted with by far the most talent since Ray Rice - and he's going to be so helped by the running scheme we have here and by the attention lamar holds which will give him more opportunities to get into the 2nd and 3rd level where he's so dangerous - lots of plays that might have been 20 yds turning into 40 or 50
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