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2020 WR Draft Thread

Discussion in '2020 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. I’m interested in how fast he’s going to run at the combine
  2. I feel like Justin Jefferson is gonna fall on draft day, with this being such a great wr class, I think teams are gonna put a little too much stock in athletic profiles and potential early on, and Justin Jefferson is a guy who’s gonna fall by the wayside because he’s not gonna blow any minds in those aspects. Teams are gonna feel pressured to take the higher ceiling guys early and feel they can get the route runner type later on.

    idk I just have this feeling the media is hyping him up more than the nfl is because of LSU and burrow, and while I love Jefferson as a prospect and I don’t doubt most teams would as well, I think the whole upside thing will hurt him.

    I wouldn’t be shocked to see him available for our R2 pick.
  3. it would be a similar mistake i think to the one teams made with michael thomas - he's a guy who has enough of an athletic profile to be a threat, is a really high quality route runner and consistently gets separation through various means

    i wouldnt be surprised if he fell out of round 1 like you say because of the numerous athletes at the position

    i would be surprised if he made it to our round 2 pick
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  4. Michael Thomas is exactly who I had in mind and is the guy I’m most reminded of by Jefferson. And yeah it would be a surprise but not a total shock, like I could see it happening even though its unlikely
  5. I don’t watch a lot of LSU games. Who was the WR1 this year? Jefferson or Chase? I just remember Jefferson in that Oklahoma game with the 4 TDs
  6. Chase was probably the best receiver in all of college football last year
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  7. Chase for sure, he’s jerry jeudy caliber.

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