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Fantasy Football Advice

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by RavensPunkXVX, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. I accepted it. Tried to negotiate a 4th with Godwin, got the 5th.

    29 player roster. 21 keepers
  2. My season is pretty much over at 3-7. Do I start Lamar for the heck of it, or do I start Prescott? My starter is on a bye.
  3. logically prescott because he's playing a bad defence and they added amari cooper
    but i tell ya itll be way more fun to root for lamar
  4. I'll go with Lamar, just for fun.
  5. its always more fun to root for something exciting to happen
  6. @SepticeyePoe

    how many points did lamar get you today?
    how many did dak get?
  7. Half ppr 10.8
  8. 15.7 compared to Dak's 14.8.
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  9. you've won in every way possible - if only he hadnt thrown the INT though
  10. Yep. My team may still lose, but that doesn't matter.
  11. Mahomes INTs at the end almost cost you big time lol
  12. Dude I was almost in tears before I did the math.
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  13. Also that’s me vs my brother so that just made it better
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  14. I need your help:
    Who do i pick out of Peterson, D.Johnson, S.Michel, S.Ware, Justin Jackson and Gus Edwards (2Rbs). Or should I bench Reynolds or Thielen for one of these guys?
  15. I’d say no to AP.

    I think at this point, you’d have to put Edwards in. Atlanta has a terrible defense and he has surpassed 100 yards in consecutive weeks.

    I’d be weary on Justin Jackson because of Ekeler. And Spencer Ware, could be boom or bust. Against the Raiders, we could have a big day being the lead guy. Consider it.

    David Johnson will probably see double digits if that’s all you’re looking for. I think the floor could be 7-8 points. Ceiling being 18-19.

    Edwards and either Ware or Johnson. Chiefs put up a lot of points so I could see Ware getting some shots at the end zone. And I could see the pack/zona game being a dud.
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  16. So, I have the choice of Llama Jackson or Josh Allen for QB this weekend. Last two weeks Allen has put up some huge fantasy numbers, and faces a another bad team.
  17. Jackson also faces a terrible defence so I guess go with whichever one you think is gonna score more TDs...

    I’d personally go with Lamar because it’s always more fun to have a rooting interest
  18. Family CBS league facing my dad in the playoffs
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  19. what a week to sit him lol - he'd have got literally any team halfway to a good score on his own

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