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Fantasy Football Advice

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by RavensPunkXVX, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. I have a gut feeling about Crowell. He’s been on the brink of being a high end starting rb for a while, and I think this new era with the jets just might give him new life. Not that I’m gonna start him every week but with a good matchup like Miami, yeah I’ll take that.
  2. Having a coach that'll use him more than twice a game is also going to help. It seemed like every time he played well in the beginning Hue wouldn't go back to him.
  3. Hue is a shitcunt. I can’t believe I thought he was a good coach. He’s proven that I was completely fucking wrong lol.
  4. In my money league, my bench WRs currently have 23 points while my starters have 3.
  5. I moved Mike Williams to my flex yesterday and then last second I moved him back to the bench...so of course he scores a TD almost immediately.
  6. Why did I do the same fucking thing...

    Also took John brown out of my wr2 spot for Jarvis Landry
  7. Lmao. But you gotta think Landry will get his touches. Or at least I hope bc I’ve got him too
  8. Started Mahomes and still lost
  9. They say it be like that sometimes
  10. Bears defense got me a .4 point win with a 17 point comeback
  11. Would you all bench Alex collins for mArk Andrews in the flex ?
  12. uhhh possibly? Collins is safer though I think
  13. No, especially given the fact all of the TEs have an equal amount of yards and Hurst could be coming back this week.
  14. Got a trade offer
    Receive: Leveon Bell, Mike Evans, Robert Woods
    Give: David Johnson, Juju Smith Schuster
  15. Wtf? Take that all day long
  16. Alright DeVito I value your advice. Accepted indeed.
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  17. Needed 33+ from Adams tonight.

  18. Fourth in my 12-team league on points scored. 2-4 record, 7th in overall standings. Thought I'd overdrafted RB, ended up with Devonta Freeman (IR), Jay Ajayi (IR), Derrick Henry (fml), Isaiah Crowell and Gio Bernard as a depth play. I'm now relying on waiver wire additions Frank Gore and LeGarrette Blount and plenty of luck for any semblance of competency at RB, and I'm wondering if I shouldn't just tank the season from here and secure a high draft pick for next year.

    I hate this game.
  19. In my nfl.com dynasty, I only won 4 games last year. Currently at 5-2. Trying to make a run, offered up draft picks.

    Someone offered Chris Godwin and a 5th for my 1st. I’m thinking of pulling the trigger. He’s a talent and in a dynasty league, the drafts are harder to judge.

    Had two firsts last year, drafted Ronald Jones and Guice. With this being 16 teams, there’s a good chance my first round pick is going to be late in the round.

    Next year, my lineup would look like;
    QB Cousins, Brees
    HB Collins, AP, Guice, Ronald Jones
    WR Devanta Adams, Chris Godwin, Goodwin, Sanu, Stills, Gallup
    TE Hayden Hurst, Marc Andrews (whichever TE breaks out lol), Sefatian Jenkins

    I don’t think there’s a overly more talented player that could be had late in the first round of a dynasty draft. Thoughts?
  20. what round is the 1st round pick. meaning how many players do you have on a team and how many do you keep. i'm thinking this is a good trade but this would play into it

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