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Fantasy Football Advice

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by RavensPunkXVX, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. If I lose this week because of Kenyan drakes miracle play at the end of the Dolphins game I’m literally going to kill myself
  2. In a money league finals wiry Gurley as my main back and Ingram on the bench. Gurley isn’t 100% and may be inactive, but if he isn’t inactive should I play Ingram?
  3. Gurley is probably the safer bet. Ingram, for the most part, is only good in fantasy if he gets a TD.
  4. You think so, even if they don’t use him much? I’m really not sure what to do at this point
  5. Betting on Ingram is just kinda risky given that the Saints use him and Kamara a lot. From game to game Ingram is a real gamble. Though I could also see the Rams resting Gurley if they take an early lead against the Cardinals. It's definitely a tough call. Ingram is really only good for an average of 50 or so yards. Gurley is more likely to get a TD, so I'd still bet on him.
  6. Yeah gurleys a guy who can win you a game with 1 carry or reception - he’s due a big game too against a lacklustre opponent and the rams still in with a shout of the 1 seed and haven’t sewn up a first round bye... if they’re resting gurley later in the game it’s likely because they’re already pretty confident of the win which likely means gurley scored some points
  7. It's definitely a tough call and I've basically had ingram on the bench for the entire season except for the bye week as I also have Cohen. I was the #1 seed in this league. I had thought about them resting him as well. Agree it's risky to play Ingram over Gurley if both are active though.
  8. Just heard on Redzone that Gurley is out this week.
  9. Same, I’m watching rz also. Was going to play Gurley on your advice
  10. There’s my Ingram TD @RaineV1 lol
  11. Got my first trade offer for the 2019 season in my other dynasty.

    They wanna trade a 2nd round pick, HB Shady McCoy, and WR DeVante Parker for my HB Ronald Jones and WR Davante Adams.

    Haven’t looked into Parker or McCoy this offseason, but I know Adams is gonna be a top receiver and I drafted Ronald jones in the first round last year.

    16 team dynasty league.

  12. I wouldn’t. Parker is a nobody at this point. McCoy is done. They signed frank gore and drafted lil McCoy 2.0 in Devin Singletary.
    Your basically getting a 2nd for Adams and Ronald. And Adams is a 1st rounder
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  13. Appreciated. I just did look into Shady and Parker. Their projections are not good at all. They had Parker at 3rd or 4th WR fantasy. At best. One had Shady not even being on the team. Lol worst case scenario of course.

  14. if be down to do some fan duel with you all everyweek with yall.. dont know if yall already do it or not.
  15. With Arians at the helm, you guys think I should take a trade of receiving Breshad Perriman for Albert Wilson of the Dolphins?

    Bucs have Arians and might be aggressive plus they let DeSean Jackson go. More targets.

    I have Kenny Stills of the Dolphins as well. I also have Godwin and HB Ronald Jones of the Bucs.
  16. So, I did an auto draft and didn't see my roster until just now. I have Andrew Luck. FML.
  17. That's a good auto draft system, sucks to have now lost Luck due to injuries. Who did it autodraft as your backup?
  18. QB Question. I drafted Matt Ryan & Lamar Jackson. Should I try to trade Matt Ryan and go with Lamar for the fantasy value that he brings from a rushing standpoint or alternate between them depending the match ups week to week?
  19. Big Ben, so I'm not that bad off. I might also grab a rookie QB just in case they turn out to be good.

    As much as I love Lamar, I wouldn't put all my eggs in that basket just yet. Give it a few weeks to see how things play out.

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