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Fantasy Football Advice

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by RavensPunkXVX, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. if you were to be able to get someone of their calibre (maybe not them specifically though) then 100% yes at this point - in fantasy in general the qb position is pretty devalued because there are so many fantasy options week to week - you dont need a good qb to score fantasy points year to year - deandre hopkins is probably a good play but im not sure about dez bryant ever being the dez of old - he'll be a consistent play but he's not making all the tough catches you hope for and isnt scoring as many tds either which was what made him such a huge fantasy play a few years ago

    in terms of the qbs coming out it obviously depends on where they land but i think josh rosen is going to be the big fantasy play as long as his situation turns out ok - sam darnold will probably get turned over too many times and josh allen is a bit too wild with the football
  2. I'll keep that in mind. I'm not gonna take much less honestly. My team already lacks the talent, can't give up a franchise QB due to the value at the position. He lost Rodgers and his next best qb is Flacco. I'll let him dial up the offers.
  3. and that's a good play tbh - especially if the season isnt over for you yet - no harm in letting a rival squirm
  4. Cue that trade offer.

    He's offering;
    QB Joe Flacco
    WR Dez Bryant
    DL Geno Atkins

    For (my);
    QB Kirk Cousins
    DL Everson Griffen

  5. still not sure id take that - i dont know how you do defensive scoring in your league but i feel like everson griffen and kirk cousins are going to score more points than geno and joe - dez is an intriguing option but you're still really getting only 2 players for 2 players here coz flacco just isnt a viable play on any week at this point - even when he plays well he doesnt rack up yards or touchdowns

    id still say keep your guys - in my eyes you are down grading at 2 positions to get a potential upgrade at one position (and im not sure how long that upgrade will last tbh - dez isnt the dez of old yet and im still not sure if we ever see that guy again)
  6. True, downgrade at 2 positions for upgrade at 1.

    This is my current roster. Still trying to fit the right pieces in. I'm technically not out of the playoff race, but getting close. Lol
  7. i can kinda see why you're struggling this year lol
    you could very much do with a marquee receiver threat but im not sure dez is that guy anymore - also it leaves you very thin for the future in terms of qb but i guess you could always pick up a rookie

    in terms of geno atkins vs everson griffin id need to know how defence is scored but id suggest griffin is the better play just if the way i imagine its scored is how i imagine

    im still not sure id agree to the terms but you definitely are right that you need a wr
  8. Yup. Took over a bad team. Apparently they've been through a couple of owners with this team. But I'm gonna keep Cousins. Told him I'd trade Brees possibly.

    Finish this season, maybe grab a rookie, or strong FA receiver.
  9. if you really are out of contention id target guys who are still in contention maybe with injury issues like that guy and try and unload instant help for guys you like in the future - you might as well blow up your team if you need to and start looking for trades that will set you up for the future but who would be bad plays/gambles for this year

    brees is probably a good example of that
  10. Yup. I mean the guy is 5-0. He's playing for a lot. Best QB on the market is Keenum. And Brees could definitely fill the void a little better. If I could trade Brees for a younger piece.
  11. So every single starting qb is on a team?
  12. Not all. Three starters in FA. MIN Keenum, SF Beathard, and GB Hundley. 16 team league.
  13. Kirk Cousins didn’t play his best football with Kyle Shanahan. He didn’t become a starter until Jay Gruden was coach, cousins had some good games under cousins but he was turnover prone as well.
  14. what i meant was kyle shanahan was the guy who was tasked specifically to develop kirk cousins (originally so that he could be traded for picks)
  15. Have not missed the ESPN format. I took over a team this week and immediately picked up a player hanging around on the waiver wire. I benched my defense prior to the Thursday game, went to drop them on Friday for Houston's, and they were locked simply because they were involved in a game. So I scrambled around, had to drop my recent acquisition for the D/ST, and that player was Adrian Peterson. That's a bonafide morale killer.
  16. And I picked up AP. :)
  17. This is correct
  18. Ah, good get. My first and last return to ESPN. It's an absolute rubbish regulation.
  19. Yeah that’s where the pf dynasty league is. Wish it was in yahoo or nfl
    #99 RavensMania, Oct 19, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2017
  20. Can't blame you at all.
    #100 Truth, Oct 21, 2017
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