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Fantasy Football Advice

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by RavensPunkXVX, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. How do you all think Fuller will do with Watson out? Don't really believe in Savage to throw the deep ballls that Watson gave Fuller.

    My only other option at WR is DET TJ Jones and they have a favorable match with GB. Kenny Golladay is out for the Lions too and TJ has scored 12 fantasy points in his last two outings.

    Even though Fuller has a decent matchup against the Colts, I just don't trust Savage.
  2. We may be headed for a showdown in week 12, @Truth. If I lose (thanks to Davis and JuJu, that is a good possibility) and you win, we would both be 6-5 going into our week 5 matchup.
  3. I had to take a second team because we only had 11 people for our 12 man league and both my teams are tied for first at 8-2 lol
  4. Hmmm, what happens when you play yourself. Lol
  5. What players or combo of players would you consider to be a good value for AJ Green in a trade?
  6. In one of my dynasty leagues, I'm fifth in scoring, but ranked 11th out of 16 in the standings with a 4-8 record. Those numbers just don't add up. Lol
  7. I'm in the championship but I'll be without Antonio Brown. I don't know if I should start Funchess or Martavis...... or even Josh Gordon? My gut tells me to go with Martavis.
  8. I'd probably go with Martavis with AB being out. Josh Gordon has been targeted A LOT since returning, but the Bears have been beating up on the AFC north, could be a tough game for the Browns. I think Funchness is hit or miss.

    Martavis is the safest option imo.
  9. Thank you. Watching Kizer on Sunday, he just can't get the ball to Gordon anyways. I don't think any of those three will have a HUGE game, but I just want 10 or so points from whoever I start, and not a goose egg lol.
  10. So, I have Gordon and Hunt in my two runningback slots, but I'm trying to decide which rb should I put in the flex spot, Kamara or Freeman?
  11. who are they playing
  12. Start Kamara. ALWAYS!
  13. um i would live by playing kamara every week and twice on sunday - he's not just a great fantasy option but he's fun to root for - if anything id be tempted to drop gordon or hunt for freeman - so often in fantasy you can get caught up in matchups but id just put the best players in... for me that is kamara, hunt and freeman

    but 100% kamara should be in your lineup
  14. I'll echo what everyone else has said, start Kamara. Nice set of backs by the way.

    But yeah, Kamara has scored AT LEAST 24 fantasy points in six of his last seven games. Ridiculous.
  15. Would you all start Mike Wallace this week?my other starters at WR are;
    Keenan Allen
    AJ Green (whom I benched last week)
    Rudolph at the WR/Flex spot

    My other bench;
    Dede (who has been cast into the shadows due to cole)
    Marquise Goodwin (bad matchup against Jags)
    Cooper Kupp (not the same when Robert woods is playing and Gurley is a large portion of that offense.

    So I'm teetering throwing Wallace into the starting lineup
  16. I think Keenan Allen and Juju should be your starting WRs. With Brown out I can see Juju having a really big game. And Keenan Allen should be an every week starter. Only start Wallace if they say Allen is out for the game, but that's not likely.
  17. In a 10 team league with standard scoring. It's two-RB, two-WR and a one flex. The RB starters are LeSean McCoy, Kareem Hunt and a returning Ezekiel Elliot is the flex. Whom would you start at WR between DeAndre Hopkins, Keenan Allen, Adam Thielen and Tyreek Hill? Hopkins has a somewhat tough match up on paper, especially with Joe Haden returning, but he feels like an every-week must start. Hill has a solid match up, though he's been volatile in standard. Thielen has torn apart Green Bay their recent games and Allen faces a struggling NYJ secondary. I currently have Allen and Hopkins but am questioning whether to sit either one. Also, would you start Ben Roethlisberger or Blake Bortles?

    Also have a question about a 14 team league, also standard. Two-RB, two-WR. Todd Gurley and Ezekiel Elliot are at RB. There is Hopkins at WR along with Marvin Jones, and there are several names vying for No.3. Could start either Josh Gordon, Keelan Cole, Dede Westbrook or Robert Woods. Which would you start, and would you bench Jones for either of the back ups? Could also pick up Cameron Brate, but Evan Engram has played well.
  18. For the first one, I'd say Allen and Thielen.

    For the second one, I'd say start Gordon in the flex, since he basically is that passing offense and they force feed him the ball.
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  19. Strong possibility of going with your suggestion. I might end up switching Hopkins in at the last minute to dance with the one that brought me, but considering that Minnesota is fighting to lock up the No.1 seed, I'd be surprised if Thielen didn't put up numbers.

    Gordon is the likeliest bet. I do have a sneaking suspicion that Cole may have another big week, although Allen Hurns coming back hampers it some and it does depend on which K'Waun Williams shows up. Thank you for taking out the time. It is much appreciated.
  20. when in doubt and its reasonable i just think play the best players overall and this year for me that's Hunt, Zeke, Hopkins, Thielen and Allen out of those options in the first team (sorry shady lol)

    in the 2nd team again it's pretty hard because of all the matchups but again id play the best players on the roster which for me are gurley, zeke, hopkins, jones and (whichever player you think is best out of robert woods and josh gordon - both have difficult matchups - id suggest woods' is the slightly easier matchup but gordon has the potential to just go off) - and in terms of tight end i think clearly evan engram has the better matchup this week over cameron brate (albeit i think brate's had a better season and been more consistent - for sure earlier on in the year)
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