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The Random Thought Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by The Greek, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Having watched the games today... I know I'll get used to it eventually but I really dislike this new number change thing. Just feels really odd to see DBs and LBs wearing single digits. Just feels different in college compared to the NFL lol. But I'm sure it'll grow on me.

    Also the Rams uniforms have really grown on me with the addition of the pure white.
  2. I'm cool with the number change, but just like you, it will take time to get used it it.

  3. Holy shit
  4. Brown looked slow .
  5. Just in case you were wondering what last years UDFA crush Bronson Rechsteiner is up to now

  6. How many pressures did Villanueva allow? It was an insane number from what i recall.
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  7. Which OL performance was worst? Ours or the Chiefs vs. the Bucs in the Super Bowl?
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  8. It appears with time of possession fairly close , the Raiders were in better shape than our team. Our D was completely gassed at the end.
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  9. According to the NFL’s Next Gen Stats, the Raiders pressured Jackson on 54.5% of his drop-backs, their highest single-game pressure rate in the five-plus years NGS has tracked data.

    Lamar doesn’t deserve this
  10. So Harbaugh pretty much alluded to the fact that we’ll be in an RBBC from now on when Ty’Son looked great Monday night. I don’t get it.
  11. i mean we would have been a committee even if we hadnt had any injuries at the position... the ravens philosophy with running backs for years has now been about having a stable of backs

    tyson played decent as a runner but also made some critical mistakes - he had the meshpoint fumble and then had a couple of devastatingly bad pass pro reps - might also have been his fault on the lamar swing pass (not sure) - he also had the fumble that went out of bounds

    murray tbf didnt look great either - consistently didnt see the holes opening up

    i think if Bell can get into football shape he's gonna be the guy on 3rd downs
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  12. Roman is such an inept motherfucker man

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  13. I mean he’s not gonna come straight out and say that Williams kinda fucked up
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  14. On what? Getting overpowered when trying to block on one play?
  15. Mesh point fumble, going the wrong way on a play, not moving upfield in the flat, multiple pass blocking issues.

    He has potential but he made a lot of mistakes.
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  16. That’s fair. I knew the mesh point was going to be an issue before the game and it showed. I still give him a pass because wasn’t this his first game as a pro? Let him get acclimated and learn from his mistakes. He absolutely had the hot hand on Monday as a runner. You want to put Murray in on passing plays, then I’m down with it. But Ty’Son looked great running the ball
  17. Anyone have any intel on how Madboogie played?
  18. I think in a blowout game they would have continued to roll with him and let him learn, but in a close game, they opted for the vet.
  19. it was more than 1 play - i still preferred him over the other backs but he made mistakes

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