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The Random Thought Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by The Greek, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Yeah I don't think so. I actually don't think Waller's impact on the game was that big, and a lot of analysts agree with me. He got a bunch of stats on 19 targets. 19. You can give Boykin 19 targets and he'll get you 80-100 yards easily. I did not think Darren Waller was uncoverable in that game by any stretch of the imagination, and I think people who think that didn't watch the game and desperately need to go back and watch film.

    I think five years ago, I'd be beating the "Jimmy is critical" drum all day long.
    But if I conceptualize...
    In 2020, he missed five games, and I don't see any significant impact on the defense in those games. He was pretty limited from a snap count perspective in the second half of the year, and the only time he really plays a ton of snaps these days is if he's playing a team that throws the ball a ton (Buffalo), or injuries force him into the lineup.
  2. My only quibble with that is that it assumes Bateman will be good - which we all think he will, but Hollywood is still the only receiver on this team we know can succeed in this offense.
  3. I can't get on board with that. I love Jimmy and 3-4 years ago he was THE guy in the secondary, but if everyone's healthy in 2021 he doesn't start, so I can't have him on the "essentials" list.
  4. Interesting little anecdote while looking through the mentions and replies

  5. Also love Harbaugh but man is he a dick sometimes

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  6. Ehh, I wouldn't say he put them in a bad spot. I don't know many fans who are like "yeah the man asked for a trade, you should trade him" when it comes to NFL players. If the Ravens didn't want to trade him, they didn't have to. And if he was willing to sit out over it (which I guarantee he wasn't), then so be it.

    I don't think the "PR" aspect had anything to do with it. Ravens saw the same thing everybody else saw. Zero percent chance of the guy re-signing here beyond 2021, zero percent chance they could afford to franchise tag him for 2022, and his value was never going to be higher than it was this offseason. So, you trade him.
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  7. I was pretty much just referring to the note that they were furious about it. I assume they would much rather have had it handled like Hurst.
  8. I hate when he does this.
  9. Guess we're going to be hearing a lot ..............Next question. Next question. Next question.
  10. Congratulations everyone.
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  11. Kept hearing reports of how extremely raw he was in camp and how much work he needs. My question is this… when has University of Florida ever produced a legit NFL WR? I know there’s been a few with “promise”, but none who actually produced
  12. probably:

    1) Lamar
    2) Stanley
    3) Humphrey
    4) Peters

    for me...
  13. marlon is clearly the best corner on the team - and i think the raiders game proved that beyond doubt for any doubters remaining...
  14. i mean i get it - was specifically in response to reporters questions about stanley...

    but especially in years like this where there's constant uncertain injury news it's easier for him not to engage after the 2015 season
  15. great athlete with unbelievable ankle flexion and change of direction but for me he was a 2nd round player - probably still top 50 in the class but not a 1st round pick at all
  16. no stars yet in recent times but demarcus robinson has done well and van jefferson very much looks like he might be something in year 2
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  17. Regarding Mr. Toney, I'm not gonna judge him on his first two games in the same way I gave no thought to JaMarr Chase's drops.
  18. I just go back a lot to Chad Jackson and how bad he busted even in a NE system with the GOAT in his prime
  19. not writing him off by any means but he definitely seemed like a more developmental type prospect who'd be a slot/weapon - so not surprised that he's not making an impact yet at all
  20. scout the player not the jersey - it's like writing off Fields because he's an Ohio State QB

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