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The Random Thought Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by The Greek, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. didnt stand out a ton - got moved notably on 1 double-team, wrecked a guard late in a rush with a long-arm for a pressure - not the dominance we hoped for out the gate but certainly didnt go missing

    was disappointing that he didnt dominate - got stoned a couple of times as a pass rusher
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  2. I'm gonna get stoned a few times after all this injury news
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  3. I get it, he messed up but the only way players learn from their mistakes is by playing and getting better. Like someone said, you want Murray out there on passing downs, fine. Williams was doing great running the ball. The consistency of abandoning the run, is way too alarming. Harbs is too hard headed to fire Roman.

    I see this as the same situation with Cam Cameron and like Cam, Roman NEEDS TO GO.
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  4. i mean tbf it's not like the old harbs days where guys would get put in the doghouse

    tyson still played later in the game - just had fewer run calls with him on the field
  5. I just read the news myself... now watch AV do better at Left Tackle. Yeah like I said, this reeks of 2015 with all the injuries. I already had this week as a loss without the injuries but its going to be worse. If we can't bounce back against Detroit and Denver and at least be 2-2, then this season is done.
  6. [​IMG]

    just to illustrate the current ridiculous nature of this team - this is all the position groups in a roughish depth chart as i had them at some point during the preseason

    ive just gone back in and highlighted everyone who's missing or has missed time for this team so far who figured to have a chance to make the team...

    - orange means they're unavailable to play right now
    - yellow means they've missed time at some point already since training camp through injury or illness
    - red text means they aren't on the 53 right now

    ive got 11 probable contributors in orange right now
    ive got 6 currently rostered players in yellow right now
  7. (Anything happens in life, good or bad)
    “Damn ima smoke about it”
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  8. sounds like we all need to
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  9. We rushed for 189 yards?!?! LOL, tf????
  10. I'm not giving up on the season, but I want to be realistic at this point also. We have some injuries that may be too difficult to overcome. That being said, it is very possible we have a top 10 to 12 draft pick if these injuries continue to pile up.

    Go Ravens, Stay Healthy!
  11. Man i want this to be one of those “ started out struggling till team got healthy and fix issues “ type seasons but with injuries to peters, dobbins and edwards, i just dnt see it happening… atleast not yet
  12. I could see the running backs gelling to some extent and getting a bit used to the mesh point.
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  13. At least I want that satsifaction of having that "no one wants to play the Ravens if they're healthy" type seasons as we get closer to week 15, 16 and all.
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  14. Yeah the running backs are the least concern to me. Continued injuries to the secondary and OL are what have me spooked. And Lamar of course, but that's always true.
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  15. Agreed. This team is more than capable of overcoming injuries to Dobbins and Edwards.

    Peters and Stanley, not so much. If I were ranking like the top 5-6 players the Ravens could ill-afford to lose for lengthy periods of time, those two guys would be on that list, and pretty high on it.
  16. At this point, all of our injuries are seemingly long-term injuries, so it's a long shot.
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  17. Off the top of my head that list goes:

    and we're down two of them already. I guess you could argue Bozeman or Zeitler should be on there.
  18. Jackson

    Losing Lamar is a death blow to your playoff chances. Losing the other 4-5 makes life very difficult.

    Hollywood I wouldn't put on the list because IF Bateman were healthy, we would still have Bateman, Watkins and Andrews available, and still have some speed guys at depth. No injury is ideal, but I don't think it would derail our season.

    If we lost him today while Bateman is still out, then yes, certainly sucks.
  19. honestly might include Brandon Williams on my top 6, due to the consistent regression of the run defense when he doesn’t play.

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