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The 2020 Offseason Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. Snead is our best blocking WR, although Boykin is a close 2nd, That and he's a sure handed Vet.
  2. Snead is just a reliable Vet at this point. No WOW plays, but he’s a son of a coach. So he have to problem doing the dirty work and won’t complain about targets.

  3. Good to hear something positive
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  4. love to hear it - as long as they all isolate together they'll be all good
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  5. Hell yea i love it. Boykin been working with trace while in bmore also
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  6. for boykin i think its about 3 things

    Being more aggressive
    better use of hands when engaging with press at line of scrimmage
    mastering a box out move

    he has all the measurables you want ( and some) and good hands.
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  7. for avoidance of any controversy - let's just get this out of the way now

    chris moore is going to make this team and it means there's going to be unexpected cuts or phantom i/rs like every year
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  8. He is definitely awesome ST player. I just don't want him get any snaps on the offense.
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  9. Is he really that important on special teams? I don't want to carry 3 players (Levine, Richards and Moore) who can only play on teams.
    Whats also interesting: Harbaugh said Breeland and/or Wolf will make the 53.
  10. Doubt Richards makes the team
  11. oh Moore is definitely that good at special teams - he regularly draws and beats double teams as a gunner on punt coverage which is pretty valuable

    and tbf we regularly carry guys on the backend of the roster who only play special teams (and that's even if you dont include return duties)

    last year at various times we had Moore, Levine, Trawick, Richards, Bethel, Chris Board - we had 5 of them on the 53 man roster at one point last year with all of them active on gamedays

    if deshon elliott is healthy i think he allows us to keep one less special team specialist because he was pretty great on special teams as well as potentially being the 3rd safety

    if proche wins the return job he'll likely also be on coverage teams and if he's good that might save a roster spot also

    but right now i think levine, moore and maybe even richards are pretty much locks on the roster - and board, alaka and ryan are going to be in a straight up fight to win a special teams spot

    i dont know if iman marshall is great at special teams but he was activated and contributed after he came back from I/R last year so the coaching staff clearly see some value in him as a special teamer - i think anthony averett's roster spot is in severe jeopardy because he's never won himself a spot on the special teams group

    note also that last year was the worst special teams unit we've had in years having lost Coach Rosburg - it makes it really important that we keep good special teamers on the team

    Justice Hill could be an x-factor - has some tools that suggest he could develop into a great gunner - played a little bit opposite moore there towards the end of last year and did ok enough
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  12. i think he's the 3rd most likely pure special teamer to make it after Moore and Levine
  13. he wont get any - last year he had basically none anyway and we've just added 2 new talents to the WR corps and lost only seth roberts - he'll get snaps only at the end of games in blowouts because he's active because of special teams
  14. Remember those talks about Jimmy Smith playing safety? Well umm......

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  15. Oh and then there's this.....

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  16. Voted on by other GMs and league execs and he wins the award in his first year lol
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  17. I never thought he would be gone, he has brought a lot of less than winnable games within reach by making plays on ST. He’s a horrible receiver but he is without question a special teams stud. And with chuck Clark moving to full time starting role to the point that he probably leads the defense in snaps, we will need Moore and Levine to fill in.
  18. After all, he was coveted by other teams for years. They saw our vision.
  19. I dont think Chris Moore is a great receiver but i dont think he is a horrible receiver either. He looked good in training camp and preseason but for some reason Greg Roman hardly got him involved on offense but truthfully in a offense where Willie Snead and Seth Roberts both saw their production in receiving yards get cut in half from their previous production in 2018 it makes sense to call Chris Moore horrible.

    Willie Snead was ranked fifth in missed tackles in Marty Mornhinweg offense in 2018. I honestly thought he was looking at a much better season in 2019 but that only happened in touchdowns. Roman offense has never been wide receiver friendly and Ravens fans seem to like Snead more when Marty M was calling the plays than Greg Roman.

    It makes sense because we only go off by what we see as fans but truthfully I think Snead, Roberts, and even Moore could have been more productive with a MVP QB throwing to him but that's on Greg Roman.

    Steve Smith Sr actually spoke on it this offseason but The Ravens need to become more wide receiver friendly this year especially if the plan is to have Lamar Jackson run less. This is one of the reasons why I think Greg Roman didn't get much interest from teams for their head coaching candidacy.
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  20. ive been saying it all offseason, if roman cant incorporate the WRs more then he might actually be detrimental to lamars development, the same way cam cameron was great for flacco early on but in the long run he handcuffed him too much.

    with a talent like Hollywood, and another elite target in andrews to keep defenses from honing in entirely, there should be no excuse to not involve the WRs. Hollywood himself should have massive production but if the playbook is designed entirely around running and working TEs between the numbers then he wont put up numbers indicative of his ability, and just the presence alone of our offense should make things extremely easy for lesser talents like duvernay and boykin and proche, if we arent at least seeing a combined 800 yards from WRs not named hollywood then greg roman is gonna need serious consideration for replacement because it would fall almost entirely on him, partially on Lamar but if the offense is very WR unfriendly and you have a young developing qb like Lamar then you really cant place real blame on him, hes been conditioned to throw to TEs thanks in large part to romans tailoring of the playbook.

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