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2021 Never *Too* Early Prospect Watch

Discussion in '2021 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, Apr 25, 2020.

  1. As much as I’d like to, I just think there’s too much bust potential and we severely lack in a few areas and we can’t just leave these areas untouched.

    I’m not sold on Elliott and Clark as the starting tandem, we’re gonna need a nickel, we also desperately need an IOL, whatever position it is we need a boost there. We just don’t have the roster or cap to support a massive trade up
  2. the only position id ever mortgage the future with in the draft for a mega trade up would be for a QB - that's the only time a big trade up in the first round can ever really be worth it
  3. i get why Chase didn't stay at LSU (and that team is not the same with the exodus of talent into the 2020 draft)

    but this thread really elucidates why he might slip for not playing this year - he's not as twitchy as you could see and he really struggled against press and clearly doesnt have the speed to scare the corner

    now tbf Terrell was a really great CB prospect in 2020 but he was so unapologetically physical with Chase and chase could not beat the press with his release

  4. this is starting to sound a little bit like laquon treadwell
  5. crazy question, if travis etienne somehow falls to us, is there ANY prospect you can think of that might realistically be as much of a guaranteed stud as etienne? would you be able to pass on him? before he undeclared last year he was maybe my favorite prospect for us but i didnt think he would fall anywhere close to us, but rbs fall all the time so...
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  6. ill never say never but with us picking dobbins and likely having 3 guys we really like already on the roster I find it hard to believe we’d take him with the pick required to take him

  7. dude has some limitations when faced against explosive burst but he literally single-handedly ruined Auburn's game - I'm not sure I've seen a corner take over a game in college football the way Jaycee Horn took over against Auburn - and he was matched up against Seth Williams who some have touted as a really strong WR prospect (i havent personally seen it so far but ive hardly seen him play at all so far)
  8. Teams are going to overthink it on Devonta Smith because he's only 170 lbs and because he's not a track athlete so he's going to get taken later than he should be

    but he would have been my favourite receiver in the class if he came out last year and he almost certainly will be my favourite receiver in this class too
  9. Thoughts on Warren Jackson WR Colorado St? He's a huge dude at 6'6'' but weighs only 210ish. He looks like he has more than enough of a frame to add 30 lbs over a year or two with an NFL training program. From the film I've seen he looks way too stiff to be a WR in the NFL, but he'd be an intriguing candidate to move to the hybrid WR/TE role that Andrews plays in. He has great hands and can track the ball really well so I'd be excited to see him over the middle in this offense

  10. One WR prospect down.....

  11. appears to have left the stadium in an ambulance
  12. Kid is a baller. Had my eye on him before the season and hes done nothing but boost his stock. Son of former reciever Joe horn.

    Although I dont think he can play slot which is really what we need
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  13. we had joe horn jr in the building (last year iirc) who is a receiver
  14. Wait he has 2 sons in the league? Damn. Well this kid is far more talented imo. His style fits our scheme and kinda reminds me of Jimmy Smith but I think we have enough outside corners. Then again if hes BPA when we pick I wouldnt pass up on him
  15. i would not pass on him if he were BPA - i do think he has some limitations against speedy and agile receivers from what ive seen so far but he's got the swagger
  16. Ya hed fit right in to our defense. His physicality sets him apart from most college corners
  17. seems to me like a high ceiling but also potentially a high bust potential with how grabby he is (college you can get away with more contact as a DB)
  18. I mean....all of our corners grab a shit ton, I think for him he just needs to fall to the right team. And I think our scheme will benefit him the most
  19. looks like a classic seahawks type corner to me - then again i thought that about marlon humphrey too

    maybe what i think about a seahawks corner is really what a ravens corner looks like lol
  20. Ya hed be a good fit there as well. We both like those physical boundary type corners.
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