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The Rookies, The Bad and the Browns

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Sep 13, 2020.

  1. duvernay looked crazy explosive on his limited touches
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  2. That’s exactly how I saw it, it was a regular occurring thing for him last year, like the deep corner vs houston, he hesitated out of his break for absolutely no reason and came up 1-2 steps short of a touchdown
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  3. Better than some of the Wired’s at the end of last year
  4. Also it’s interesting that Lamar claims that he thought there was a guy behind Andrews on that first TD throw. Lamars the kind of guy that would admit if Andrews had bailed him out so I’m inclined to believe that the ball was placed exactly where he wanted it
  5. I was concerned that it was a poor throw, but it turns out it was exactly where he wanted to place it. Makes me even more optimistic about his continued improvement with respect to accuracy.

    And Ingram is a mobile morale boosting machine. That guy is amazing. What he does for his teammates on the sidelines might equal what he does on the field.
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  6. I had a giant smile listening to this when it played on the app
  7. Ingram is one of the coolest dudes ever. I really hope that we can hold onto him for as long as he wants to play because his personality is infectious and just brings out the best from everyone on the team.
  8. Will be highly interested to see what they do with him next year. He's owed $5M, which isn't really that much, but with Dobbins likely to take over lead-back duties and Edwards can be kept as an RFA at a much cheaper rate, I don't know that they'll want him back at that price. Especially with a salary cap decrease expected next year.
  9. Its just boykin isnt as good. Runs like he has weights on his ankles which probably causes lamar to misjudge when he is gonna break. Even it he could time his routes, i dnt see him getting separation much. I think he should try to add some savy route running to his game
  10. Lamar Jackson is special

  11. its a shame that i cant see it on the coaches film (i know i sound like a broken record this week) but was really impressed with Tyus in the immediate aftermath of the game - glad to see Wink agreed
  12. It's up now, no?
  13. Just what the Ravens need, ANOTHER defensive player who might command too much money to afford over the next 2 years.
  14. The goal-line play with Boykin, it was probably good that he did not catch that ball because I am pretty sure he would not have a TD if he did and would be tackled in bounds and the half is then over.
  15. not in europe unfortunately

  16. having Madubuike lined up in the B gap would be a massive boon for this defence - his lateral agility and quickness to threaten with penetration would be a massive bonus
  17. Really interesting that we used Tyre Phillips as a pulling guard going right to left a fair amount
  18. It's up for US viewers, but not for outside of the United States.
  19. Ronnie Stanley back at practice!!!!

    only chris moore, justin madubuike and brandon williams werent practicing and im assuming it was a vet day for Brandon
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