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2021 NFL Draft Gameday Draft Thread

Discussion in '2021 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, Apr 27, 2021.


What position will the Ravens select with their first pick in the draft?

Poll closed Apr 29, 2021.
  1. Offensive Tackle

  2. Interior Offensive Line

  3. Wide Receiver

  4. Safety

  5. EDGE

  6. Other

  1. I mean there’s a reason he’s always been thought of as an early day 2 type at worst
  2. These days, when you're picking in the back end of the first round, pretty much everybody is a project.
  3. My (multiple) takeaways from the draft:

    Ravens specifically:
    • Happy with the picks. If nothing else, there can't possibly be any further discussion about "not enough weapons for Lamar" for at least two years. Got three first round WRs on the roster, two 3rd round WRs on the roster, and a top 5 TE in the league. The "lack of weapons" argument won't hold any weight at all for a few years.
    • Got two more picks today, but they're late picks. Based on DeCosta's comments from yesterday, its unlikely we move back into the 2nd round, so likely be waiting awhile. Would think they'd target an Olineman with one of those picks. Still could obviously use more pass rushers.
    • Seems unlikely we'll be getting a significant upgrade at Safety this offseason. Don't know that its reasonable to think even a late 3rd rounder would be able to outplay Elliott or Clark at this point. Likely to be a 2022 plan.
    Rest of the League:
    • Dallas - Didn't screw it up, actually obtained an additional mid round pick, and took the same defensive player they were going to take anyway. Got a little screwed by Carolina/Denver, but made the best of it
    • LA Chargers - stud Olineman falls right into their lap
    • Dolphins - got a great WR, and one of the better rushers in the draft, all while obtaining more picks for next year
    • Bears - were aggressive to move up to get the guy they wanted, and didn't completely destroy future drafts by doing it.
    • Denver - no clue what they're doing. Surtain is likely to be a good football player, but they must have really not liked Fields or Jones in order to pass on them there. I would have thought Fields dropping in your lap would have been a no-brainer, but they didn't take him. Was a changing point in the draft.
    • Vegas - easily the worst drafting team in the league. No concept of value, seemingly pick only players from elite programs, fielding a roster that makes absolutely no sense.
    • Pittsburgh - I wouldn't have taken a RB in the first round in this class. I'm sure Harris will be a good player, but if they think RB was the issue why they couldn't run the ball, then they're misevaluating their own roster.
    • NY Jets - a bit nitty here. Just didn't like the trade up to get Vera-Tucker. I'm sure he'll be a good player, but they give up two 3rd rounders to move up 9 spots for a Guard. That seems very dicey to me. They still have #34 today, but won't have any other picks on day two. I would have liked to have seen them keep the picks to help out the defense and address Oline needs on day two.
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  4. How tall is Bateman? Keep seeing different numbers.

    @rmcjacket23 I really don't get what's happening with the Raiders. Having watched Mayock all these years, then seeing his drafts it feels like interference from either the FO or Gruden.
  5. I mean, he's an ex-Ravens scout so he probably just can't evaluate receivers xD
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  6. Realistically, I can't even say they're like picking "bad players". Like guys like Kolton Miller, Ruggs (who I think will be pretty good) and others aren't bad players.

    They just seem to have no like goals or identity. Their entire offseason makes very little sense from a roster construction standpoint. They're signing all these veteran players who don't seem to fit into any sort of systems, and they're jettisoning all these cheap, rookie contract players who were at least average.

    They're a total rudderless ship.
  7. TJ Houshmanzadeh hated the pick also. But again, just like typical NFL draft, opinions vary across the board.
  8. Agree. Not bad, but no direction and just seem to be overdrafting or reaching for players. When Mayock was NFLN he just seemed to have a great understanding of player value/draft position.
  9. Gonna be a long wait tonight. 61 guys off the board before we’re officially back on the clock
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  10. Nothing is wrong his speed.. im cool with his film speed but he def dont run a 4.39 and im 100% sure of that.. id give him a 4.5 flat
  11. I mean to be honest, our defensive scheme doesn't allow for many sacks anyway. Pressure is the name of the game with us. And pressure he will provide. He has a very high motor, so he'll learn the position as we go along. Bringing in a vet like Houston would do amazing wonders for him too.
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  12. LOL what, you timed the guy yourself or something? You seem pretty intent on him not being a 4.39 guy. He ran a 4.4 in high school. Even if he lost weight specifically for the 40, I'm still willing to bet that you are wrong, sir. Game day speed is different, yes. But I don't get why you can't accept that he probably did lose weight temporarily and put up a 4.39.
  13. He absolutely did and didn't just stick to the top programs.
  14. I think it's closer to 4.43 game speed, but he did test at 4.39.
  15. So is there any good centers or swing tackles I can look forward to with our low 3rd rd piucks. It's gonna kill me watching guys like Eichenberg, Meinerz, Josh Meyers, all fall to the wayside let alone Jenkins and Humphreys. Can Landon Dickerson fall to our pick?
  16. been looking a lil into Meinerz, hear a lot of people are high on him. Also have to wonder how many teams really need a Center rn
  17. A center touches the ball on every play. We lost games cuz of bad center play. Thank goodness Skura was shown the door. TCC or moving Bozeman over maybe if Powers or Bredeson can step up at LG but a swing tackle is highly needed. Right now I think Dennis Kelly is the perfect fit for RT and signing Houston or Kerrigan on a 1 yr deal is a must.
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  18. Will be interesting to see what happens on the Oline. I think they're largely resigned to Bozeman at C, but I think Tackle is certainly a concern. They'll need to add one in FA and likely draft one, in my opinion.

    But, from a FO standpoint, they did use a 3rd rounder on Tyre Phillips last year. They may not be so quick to throw in the towel on him. Could be that they target interior Oline today or even tomorrow to compete with Powers or compete for the C job, and opt to keep Phillips as the swing tackle. I personally wouldn't go that route, but its an option.
  19. I think a lot of people keep forgetting we might move Bozeman to C and pick up a G. Wouldn't shock me if both the 3rds go to OL.
  20. Tbf a line of Stanley, Powers (his natural position), Bozeman, Zeitler, ??? Is probably better than what we had last year if only by a half step
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