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2021 NFL Draft Gameday Draft Thread

Discussion in '2021 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, Apr 27, 2021.


What position will the Ravens select with their first pick in the draft?

Poll closed Apr 29, 2021.
  1. Offensive Tackle

  2. Interior Offensive Line

  3. Wide Receiver

  4. Safety

  5. EDGE

  6. Other

  1. The signing of Zeitler was big time and could help a center out. He's very yandalike imo but I'm thinking a tackle is more needed or a true center than a guard. We drafted both Powers and Bredeson in the 4th rd the last 2 yrs and one of them needs to step up if they move Bozeman over which I'm starting to think is more likely by the day.
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  2. Dennis Kelly would be good but I'd like to sign Villanueva and Kelly.
  3. Would love to come out of tonight with OL and DB. Prefer a S but think CB is in play too
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  4. maybe to start the season, but after Stanley went down we had a makeshift right tackle and had to move Orlando Brown to left tackle. Plus we had a hole at right guard, although Powers played decent, he wasn't anything like Yanda. We also get Boyle back and he will also help the blocking a lot. He was definitely missed when he went down.
  5. I would definitely love to see us land Ardarius Washington at pick 94, but I don't think. he would make it to us.
  6. Depends on the cap but V would be nice for the swing tackle position. Really need that veteran edge.
  7. I dont disagree with you at all. I guess from my perspective at the end of last year we were getting admirable play from LT, LG, and RG. We were definitely getting suboptimal play at C, and RT.

    With the above mentioned line, we might only be getting suboptimal play at RT. With a veteran like AV and as you mentioned the return of Boyle, if we stay healthy, that could be a real unit.
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  8. Right. We need to add a starting RT (likely through FA) and add depth. That's the objective, I think.

    In an optimal world, you'd have kept Bozeman at LG and brought in a quality Center. While that's not impossible to happen today or tomorrow, it also becomes less and less likely as the draft goes on.

    We need two Tackles. That's what I would want to come out of the next few weeks with. I would consider a line of Brown/Powers/Bozeman/Zeitler/Veteran to likely be on par or maybe slightly worse than last year's "optimal 5". We should be better at Center and RG, but weaker at RT. This, though, assumes that Bozeman is a competent Center.

    The challenge is depth. Again, nobody can feel good about Phillips as your swing tackle, and while I don't think the depth on the interior is terrible, it could be stretched thin if you have multiple injuries. You really have Bredeson and then maybe somebody like TCC, but he projects as mostly a Center.

    At this point, depth on the Oline is as important as getting starter play, because the likelihood of your entire Oline playing 17 games together is extremely small.

    I fully expect them to add two Olineman in this draft, one who can play outside, and one who can play inside. And then add a veteran in FA.

    Without knowing how the board will shake out, I'd probably be targeting Oline and then maybe either a Safety or DB of some kind today. I think if you're convinced you can sign a veteran pass rusher, you probably don't need to emphasize that position much, and I think you're largely set at WR.

    Oline, TE, Safety/DBs is probably where I'd be focused on for the rest of the draft.
  9. I started talking myself into Oweh last night...a little. But it was late.
    Watched him this morning a bunch and he is very very raw.
    1) stands straight up off the line and gives up his chest.
    2)is often the last guy late off the ball,
    3) the athleticism does not translate to any real juice off the line, has to be able to win outside with athleticism
    4)is indecisive as pass rusher,
    5)poor timing with hands,
    6)at times undisciplined vs the run in backside contain.
    7)Only 2 examples I have managed to find but appeared clueless and unsure dropping in coverage.

    1 Shows consistent power in bull rush
    2) I do think he will be a good edge setter
    3) was playing out of position (for ravens)
    4) stuff to work with to be sure, its just a question of how long it takes
  10. Thanks. I kind of like his chances of developing under Wink and gang. Wink is a master motivator that tends to bring the best out of players and the position coaches are great teachers. If Oweh puts in the time and hard work, he may indeed turn out to be the best pass rusher of this class.
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  11. I want Villanueva and Houston too. Thank you.
  12. i think you're right that a 3rd rounder's unlikely to usurp elliott or clark - but depending on who we get, they might be able to contribute in dime packages - especially if they have some versatility

    for what it's worth, AVT also played tackle - could probably play either
    my guess is they'll take one of the next tier of corners that's available: tyson campbell/ifeatu melifonwu/asante samuel jr
  13. i just started this thread in the draft section:

    https://purpleflock.com/threads/3708/ -
    Day 2 Best Players Available

    ive listed all the OL who are 94th or higher on my board
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  14. lots of good corners available and some safeties too
  15. just posted what i think was his best game as a pass rusher vs indiana in his own thread. If you havent already taken a look ireccomend so. Shows his upside the best i believe along with some flaws as well
  16. Can someone give me some names to root for in the 3rd? It'll be about 4am here and I'll be up with a cranky baby so anything to engage with will be very welcome.
  17. any position? or just DB/OL?
  18. I want OL or a safety ideally but I also think we could benefit from D-line or even another EDGE.
  19. hard to say who to root for (realistically) given that our pick is 61 slots away and i have no idea how the league views some of these guys

    but some guys i really like for those 3rd round picks who might be there:

    S Ar'Darius Washington
    S Jamar Johnson
    CB Kelvin Joseph
    OT Jackson Carman
    OT Jaylen Mayfield
    OT Spencer Brown
    OT Brady Christensen
    OT Stone Forsythe
    OT Walker LIttle
    OG Deonte Brown
    OG Aaron Banks
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