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Lamar Jackson

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by Ice Bowl, May 9, 2018.

  1. A1A

    A1A Practice Squad

    I guess it needs to be said here as well....Ray Lewis and Ed Reed were 2 of the most inspirational people in and out of football. Maybe its cause Ray isnt make much sense these days and most dismiss his legacy....that hardnose football life is catching up on him.

    Without Ray we wouldn't have sniffed the playoffs any of those years.
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  2. A1A

    A1A Practice Squad

  3. A1A

    A1A Practice Squad

    If I played on that defense with #52 I would have made the Pro Bowl.
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  4. BaltRavens

    BaltRavens Practice Squad

    I want to tar and feather all those Jackson haters by Ravens fans who have condemned him after he has only completed his first year without playing in 16 games. How dare one mocks any Ravens player who has just begun.
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  5. Deebo813

    Deebo813 Ravens Ring of Honor

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  6. JAAM

    JAAM Pro Bowler

    I love my QB.
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  7. JAAM

    JAAM Pro Bowler

    Because Joe is a better Cutler with the same work ethic.
  8. RaineV1

    RaineV1 Pro Bowler

    Really? You're gonna compare the guy that played with a torn acl to Cutler?
  9. Adreme

    Adreme MVP

    Because people misunderstand things Joe says like when he says he prefers doing 9-5 without staying till they kick him out, people say he is lazy. I read that, as someone who has to study a lot, that he is trying to avoid overdoing it and just burning out on game day which made some sense to me if he knows himself.
  10. JAAM

    JAAM Pro Bowler

    I didn’t say he lacked heart. I respect the shit out of him for that. But still, his work ethic sucks.
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  11. JAAM

    JAAM Pro Bowler

    Damn, Joe’s a Bronco and we still have apologists up in here lol
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  12. I think he believed he was paid to be QB during OTA's, training camps and the regular season. Not a day more or a day less, not an hour more or an hour less. That belief whilst understandable didn't apply to a salary of 22+MM/yr I think. He clearly didn't believe so sadly.
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  13. The few rules of success that I know in my 55+ yrs of life are as follows:
    Desire to succeed
    Translates to work ethic
    Translates to repetition at said work
    Translates to success.
    All of these traits are somewhat independent of talent but talent combined with these traits will make for a successful career. I think Lamar Jackson is mega talented so he should be very successful.
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  14. RaineV1

    RaineV1 Pro Bowler

    Less about apologists and people still taking shots at him in a thread about the new qb after he's left the team.
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  15. Agreed. Let him be happy where he's at. Let us be happy with who we have. The fact that the training camp tickets were sold out in 35 mins tells me a whole lot of people are!
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  16. Willbacker

    Willbacker Pro Bowler

    All I know is Louisville was absolutely horrendous last year. That's telling!!
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  17. RavensMania

    RavensMania Staff Member Administrator

    agree, this is a bad comp. Joe and Phillip Rivers are the toughest QBs in the NFL. I'm not comparing talent, just saying imo these are the toughest QBs.
  18. JoeyFlex5

    JoeyFlex5 Hall of Famer

    I used to defend cutler when people shit on him for not finishing the playoff game where he tore his acl, saying “I’ve torn a meniscus and there’s no playing on that..”

    Then joe tore his acl in a meaningless game in a lost season and kept playing like nothing even happened. Some are just bad motherfuckers, and cutler isn’t lol
  19. Tank

    Tank Ravens Ring of Honor

  20. Deebo813

    Deebo813 Ravens Ring of Honor

    would have to add in big ben also

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