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Lamar Jackson

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by Ice Bowl, May 9, 2018.

  1. https://www.nfl.com/news/next-gen-s...ssure-in-2020-ryan-fitzpatrick-outshines-comp

    Very interesting - Lamar’s been consistently excellent vs pressure since taking over as a full-time starter

    I think we just take it for granted just how great Lamar was making up for a pretty poor OL in 2020 - we saw him destroy the blitz in 2019 and he was still very good under pressure in 2020 despite having his clock sped up a ton
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  2. We get our OL back to 2019.......good luck to the rest of the defenses.
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  3. doesnt even need to be as good as 2019 but they need to be assignment sound and consistent - that doesnt necessarily mean never giving up pressure but the pressure has to be predictable (in that Lamar should know who his wink leaks are on any given play and it hopefully isn't more than 1 guy) - in 2019 he had bozeman as his weakest link whereas in 2020 he had C, RG and RT as potential weak links down the stretch - bozeman went from the worst starting OL to the 2nd best and tbf partly that was him improving but more it was yanda missing, stanley injured and skura not coming back from injury well
  4. I will add to this and also say Lamar needs to completely focus on the defense pre-play and NOT on whether or not he’ll get killed because the damn centers can’t do the peewee league thing of snapping the ball correctly. I’m desperately hoping them lining him up directly behind the C more isn’t a show of how bad we are there once again. If so, F the dumb arse Julio idea and bring us in a GD center with that draft capital
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  5. I think it’s more about opening the playbook, spreading the front a little more and stop trying to win by pure numbers in the run game, not giving the defense the scrape and fill concept as the only tactic needed to stop our run game and just being more traditional, we have a RB who can absolutely dominate the stretch and a qb who can buttfuck the defense when they flow too hard laterally to stop said stretch, can’t run a proper stretch or bootleg from the shotgun
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  6. Greg Roman did say Lamar would be taking more snaps under centre this season.
  7. I guess Deebo met with Roman in the parking lot.
  8. We ran out of the pistol quite a bit. Being under center just adds to our playbook. And it makes play-action more diverse because imho shotgun limits what you can do PA-wise
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  9. just having Lamar turn his back to the defense causes more disruption.
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  10. @Deebo813 , what did you say to him?
  11. I argued with family and friends for 3 hours last night about qb rankings trying my best to explain how absurd our rushing game is. All of them think Watson is better and I just so strongly disagree with that. He’s the only qb who gets a pass for not winning games. He also has the same playoff record as Lamar.. and always gets a free pass. @rossihunter2 i need your advanced stats and explentation here lol.

    My order is:
    1. Brady
    2. Mahomes
    3. Rodgers
    4. Wilson
    5. Lamar
    6. Allen
  12. i mean watson is also a really good QB who was on an awful team last year

    but Lamar's doing things with his running that have never been done in the history of the game - and is 1 year removed from leading the league in passing TDs, and a unanimous MVP award (which had only ever happened once before in the history of that award) - the 2019 ravens offence goes down as one of the most efficient regular season offences of all time

    what was their rationale for watson being better?
  13. The real order will soon be or in reality already is:
    1. Lamar
    2. Mahomes
    3. Wilson
    4. Brady
    5. Rodgers
    6. Allen
    7. Herbert
    8. Stafford
    9. Burrow
    10. Matt Ryan
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  14. Eh… I’d say Watson is better as an overall Qb. Outside of D-Hop, he’s had barely any support from the run game, the OL is at the very best been average, and the only two receivers outside of D-Hop he’s had thats any good are Cooks (I believe) and Fuller (when he was actually playing healthy). I’d say the Texans would’ve been far worse without Watson

    I would also argue Allen may be slightly better overall than Jackson too but that’s an iffy one for me
  15. I think it’s difficult to compare Lamar to anyone else but my argument was it’s a qbs job to lead a team and to score points even when they matter. I am super anti Watson and I just don’t think he’s a winner at all. I understand all of his situations but he gets a pass for losing games and no other good qbs do. Watson also only has 1 playoff win but
    People say oh bad line run game ect- but no one mentions our entire line being hurt this year and our wrs being so dreadfully awful up until now. I don’t get why Watson gets a pass even if the Texans are a shit show.

    people forget bill o brain wasn’t a bad coach. Terrible gm but pretty decent coach. Hof wr and good weapons. Yea there like wasn’t great but Watson runs into sacks like no one else.
  16. Good weapons outside of D-Hop like who? An oft injured Fuller? Cooks for part of a season? Please remind me of who I’m missing. And he isn’t helped by the scheme either.
  17. i mean he gets away with it because he put up 5k yards on a team and organisation in shambles despite losing his best weapon

    and the sacks are an expected part of watson's game - i think lamar's ability to avoid sacks is incredible, especially for how young he is, but watson takes extra sacks because he's aggressive with the ball down the field (justin fields had a similar dynamic at times with ohio state) where he holds the ball longer and takes those sacks because he wants the big shot downfield

    i just dont like QB wins as a stat although generally the better the QB the more likely they are to be on a winning team - i mean i love using it vs naysayers with Lamar but ultimately i dont love it as a stat

    but people just love to hate lamar because of the way media talks about him (not amazing as a passer) and lots of fans love being purists (QBs are supposed to be beautiful and aesthetic passers) even on a subconscious level...

    i love lamar and wouldnt give him up for any other QB in the league but i do think Watson deserves to be thought of in that same tier of QBs as Lamar at the very top of the league

    but none of this takes into account deshaun watson's sexual misconduct lawsuits
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  18. I see Lamar Jackson get subliminal hostility from some of our own. Not kosher people. Daddy is watching quietly and busy making notes. Lamar will prove to be the best QB this league has ever seen and then I'll make you doubters pay dearly. Remember when MJ was only a dunker but nobody questioned his supreme athleticism? Then remember he worked on a jump shot and became great at it? Then he added the fade away jump shot that was indefensible? Still he was criticized because he was all offense and couldn't defend. So, what did MJ do? He worked on his defense till he became 1st team all defense!

    Lamar's trajectory will follow the same course. People can doubt/question him as much as they want. But, my oldest doesn't give a shit. He'll keep adding to his repertoire of tools till such time that all doubters shut up and acknowledge a once in a lifetime talent. Lamar will transcend this sport just like MJ did. He is the MJ/Simone Biles of the NFL. Deal with it. Show some respect!!!!!!!!!
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  19. Shouldnt have taken watson to pass for 4800 yards for people to finally see that he is a top qb
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  20. This is what makes me believe Lamar can be a legitimate passer, his pocket presence isn’t all the way there yet, but he has it and it’s only gonna improve with time, even when his speed starts to dwindle, he’ll still be a better athlete than any pass rusher coming his way and his awareness and pocket presence are already through the roof and still improving.

    that is the part of lamars game that his haters from other fanbases know nothing about, they don’t understand that he’s got fucking Brady-esque pocket presence and that’s not something you lose with age. Even if his arm never reaches above average, he’s got more than enough tools to work as a pocket passer, it’s hard to stop a passer that keeps making you miss your pass rush attempts.

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