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Video Game Thread

Discussion in 'Madden/Video Games' started by Dom McRaven, May 18, 2017.

  1. I'd wait for fallen order. It was buggy when it first came out but better now with patches. Imo the better star wars experience

    I just hate that EA owns the rights to star wars
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  2. battlefront 2 is a fairly limited singleplayer - the dlc made it a bit longer but its fairly standard

    interesting characters but not the biggest story or the most complex - it only really exists as a campaign because people complained there wasnt one in the first game

    if you can afford - definitely looks like fallen jedi order is the more interesting star wars game (especially for single player)
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  3. Fallen order
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  4. Been playing Fallen Order and I love it so far

    That Ninth Sister fight was intense, holy shit. My head hurts after finally taking her down.
  5. What difficulty are you on?
  6. Jedi knight. It's possible I'm just trash at video games.
  7. Lol nah, that fight is a [profanity deleted]. The way I play it I’m ultra aggressive with the light saber
  8. I switched to a more aggressive style after about 40 minutes. I felt like a real jedi after I won.
  9. Totally throwing down $170 on the collectors edition of TLOU part 2
  10. For those who like Civil War games, War Of Rights is an awesome online FPS on steam
  11. I just started playing Horizon Zero Dawn, and Rost kinda looks like a more buff version of Weddle.

  12. :(

    On the bright side...

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