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The Ravens, the Dolphins and the Dolphins

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by NaturalBornHitters, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. Chris Board (12 snaps) alternated by series with starting WLB Kenny Young. He rushed off the offensive right side (ORS) to take down Drake for a loss of 1 (Q2, 12:30). He was used exclusively as a 2-down player in this game.

    - this i find a bit surprising in terms of usage - he's shown some range and speed and a nice feel for dropping into the zone - a rotation at WLB is something i expect to see continue - at the moment it feels like the coaches are waiting for someone to win the job but honestly i wouldnt mind seeing them be used rotationally as the season goes on
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  2. Tyus Bowser (21 snaps) was particularly effective in 18 snaps as a pass defender. Either he or Judon was on the field for each play and they had 10 snaps together. These joint snaps are the key to maximizing play for Bowser. Martindale must see the coverage/pass rush flexibility of having 2 Sam linebackers in the game or their combined percentage of snaps won’t exceed 100%.

    - as he says the flexibility of having both Judon and Bowser on the field at the same time creates so many options for our defence especially with the way we like to attack with Levine and the ILBs and disguising rushers in the dime package - bowser still shows some weaknesses occasionally in the running game but he looks to have come on leaps and bounds as a pure edge rusher and adding that to his ability to cover from the OLB position and this could be a really promising development for the defence

    Tim Williams (26 snaps) had contributions to 5 pressures in 20 pass defense snaps as I scored it, including a flush of Rosen on Humphrey’s interception (Q4, 15:00). He held the left edge vs TE Nick O’Leary to blow up Ballage for a 3-yard loss converted by Pierce (Q1, 4:17).

    - it feels like you can never talk about one of these guys without talking about the other - Timmy was wrecking shop on a consistent basis - deserved a sack for his efforts - not noted by Ken here was the bullshit roughing the passer penalty called on timmy which negated his QB hit/pressure - was an awful call with timmy pulling out of the shot and not following through or anything - from memory there was 1 run where timmy visibly seemed to get pulled out of position but he's become dominant at times on the edge both against the run and pass

    the icing on the cake in this game would have been a sack each for these guys to go along with the 1 each for Judon, Mcphee and Peanut
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  3. This was a game with as many as 8 performances good enough to make the list of defensive stars, but I’ll hold it to 3:

    1. Matthew Judon

    2. Patrick Onwuasor

    3. Earl Thomas
    I also have made a case for Marlon Humphrey, Tim Williams, Chris Wormley, Tony Jefferson, or Michael Pierce.

    - this is telling of just how dominant the ravens defence was at all 3 levels against the dolphins
  4. I think the thing that ive noticed most of the last year or so of the ravens defence no matter the players but the biggest proponents of this are Judon, Humphrey, Peanut who seem to find every single yard of offence an insult and for every play yielded look to make an immediate response

    these guys dont like to let the momentum lie with the offence and look to disrupt any opportunity for the offence to stack plays and take every positive offensive play personally
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  5. Just getting into the tape a little but the safety play (Miami) was beyond horrible.
  6. Great stuff Rossi. Cant wait to watch the defense.
  7. yeah its really bad - albeit speed does weird things to dbs - just puts stress on the defence that makes players do odd things/make bad decisions
  8. haha - the linebacker play i think is the thing that i was most interested in pre-game and i cant wait to dive in properly because it sure seems like there's a lot of play to examine from those 7 guys who were active
  9. Good posts Rossi
  10. I'd definitely put Humphrey in that list. It felt like Fitzpatrick avoided him all game and then when Rosen came in, the first ball thrown in his area was an INT.
  11. id probably have put Peanut number 1, Humprhey number 2 and Judon number 3 but i cant really argue against ken on these choices
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  12. Does anyone think that Ricards versatility hurts his career prospects? or does it help? obviously hes a great blocking fullback but is there even a market for blocking fullbacks? what he does helps us but he would be an even better lineman just focusing on defense.
  13. Minkah and reshead.
  14. I think it helps. Fullbacks are a dying breed in the NFL, but the fact that you can have this guy on your roster to use as a FB, when needed, and also add depth to the DL is a great thing to have (and saves a roster spot). He might be able to focus on just DL for another team and prosper, but he definitely has found his role for us as a two-way player.
  15. I think Jones is overrated. The only guy I'd be interested in is Minkah. I like Howard also but he'd cost too much to acquire.
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  16. just watched almost all of lamar's throws - just his ball placement was sublime - and there was one throw where he hit andrews for a 9 yard gain but threw it slightly low which prevented the possibility of andrews getting the extra yard needed to get a first down and you could hear him instantly berate himself on the broadcast for throwing the ball fractionally too low on that one pass
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  17. I know the play youre talking about. LJ wants to be perfect and WILL put in the work to be great. It is already evident that he is a great worker, which is a dying breed in sports.
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  18. Amen!! Thats why i wouldnt even be mad if LJ became a bust. Long as he tried i wouldve been at peace with it. I love players who put in the work.
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  19. Why i liked him a lil bit more in college. Takes full responsibilities of all his actions

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