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General Draft Thoughts

Discussion in '2020 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. I see what you mean then if that’s the case. You can give first round grades and guys slip all the time based upon where they’re graded. I guess I think the difference in semantics for me is I think he could go in the second to early third more than his talent. I just see a stacked WR class and a lot of guys evenly graded. In those situations I feel likes possible that dudes fall because of positional need, depth, and also varying opinions on traits in WR. Everyone seems to value something different in a guy and the league seems to get excited about the flavor of the month in terms of positions. None are more apparent than at WR, where varying opinions can swing guys all over the place.
    Raegor would be a nice fit here though from a RS skill set alone.
  2. I wanna make a random bold prediction here, because this guy has been falling down boards at least in the media eyes, for quite some time, and really the film study supports this possibility...

    Raekwon davis becomes a raven in the third round with no trade up needed.
  3. I think that 5 WRs minimum go in the top 40 picks. I think the 4 and 5 are gonna be raegor and either Higgins or mims depending on mims potentially rising.
  4. 2014 had 5 wrs go in the first round - i think we could potentially see 5 or 6 go this year - alternatively we could see only 4 go but id be shocked if fewer than 4 went in the 1st round - reagor might not be the 4th guy who goes but id be absolutely stunned if 4 guys didnt go and honestly id be surprised if 5 didnt go

    my guess is we see something like 3 qbs, 5 OTs, 5 wrs, 3/4 DTs, 6/7 DBs, 2/3 LBs, 4/5 EDGE, 2 RBs in the 1st round - the distinction between the DT, LB and EDGE makes it a bit harder to predict the specifics there but yeah i reckon these are roughly what we're going to see this year - we might see 1 IOL but other than that i feel pretty good about those rough estimates
  5. i think he's a guy who's going to have a 1st round grade from some teams and he's going to end up at the top of the stack of WRs for whatever tier a team puts him in because he's potentially going to run sub 4.3 and jump out of the gymn at the combine

    i would be surprised if reagor makes it to the end of the 2nd round - i would not be surprised if he doesnt get picked in the 1st though
  6. that's where i have him graded at the moment - middle-to-late 3rd round - he rarely loses 1v1 in the running game but hasnt turned into the superstar that everyone expected him to - i think he's going to slip out of the top 75 on a lot media big boards
  7. Anyone interested in seeing what my unstacked board looks like at the moment?
  8. *raises hand*
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. because its not clear and because its not part of the full-time key - for reference line breaks are tier breaks in terms of grade but do not correspond horizontally between position groups

    udfas are included on the position rankings but when i stack the board they will not be included (but will remain on these position rankings for reference)
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  11. lol the board's already changed a fair amount since i posted it - especially on the OL and DL
  12. Please drop the adjustments! Also, do I count 19 Day 1/Day 2 WR prospects? And very interesting LB and EDGE rankings, different from the overall media
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  13. With some of the adjustments (probably the last time i'll update like this before i start stacking the board) - when im closer to done ill share via a google sheet

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  14. you do count 19 - interestingly Daniel Jeremiah suggested a couple of weeks ago that we might see 20-22 wrs before day 3 in terms of grades - ive got those 19 grades but id be surprised if they all actually were taken before day 3
  15. Just of of curiosity, how many hours a week do you invest in this?
  16. A lot right now - currently off work until beginning of March so I spend a lot of time on it lol

    This is definitely the most in depth I’ve ever gone on a draft class though - previous years I’ve never been this organised or got through as many players before

    Sometimes I’ll just get in a purple patch and get through like 15 or 20 prospects in a day
  17. This may seem random as hell, but I just wanted to tell everyone that life has drastically changed for me in the last 2 years and I’m simply not on top of prospects like I used to be.

    Years 15, 16, 17, and 18 I was a madman studying film, and to a Much lesser extent In years 2011-2014 as well.

    I’m much more depending on you guys than I used to be, I wasn’t very deep last year either but didn’t really notice it, this year I’m really starting to notice though. I’m good for like a game or 2 only for prospects I’m already interested in watching then I just feel burned out and stop. I just can’t commit to watching film anymore. Life’s gotten serious, I’ve gotten exhausted as hell, my mental health has declined the past 2 years, my job is very stressful, my son is... well, he’s 3, and I just don’t have the spark that I used to have for this stuff.

    if I sound like an uninformed jackass talking about a prospect, it’s because I am. I just don’t dive in the way I once did.
  18. No worries dude - I still enjoy your takes on guys and you still have good opinions - and it’s not like this is a test with right answers - if it was the NFL and the draft would be boring

    I’m just glad you’re still here still engaging with the draft - and if there’s some easy to digest content like the Patrick queen twitter thread I’ll be sure to post it - when I’ve found myself struggling and not wanting to invest time - those sorts of threads are a godsend to me at least

    But I too was not as deep into the prospects last year

    I think partly I’ve also been using this draft as a pretty unhealthy coping mechanism for all sorts of problems so don’t worry dude
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  19. I just hate that this was always my passion, this was some shit that I always felt I was really good at and I knew more than the average person and I loved doing it and nothing could take that from me, and now I just kinda don’t even bother. Kinda sucks lol
  20. I heard the draft is set up different this year or are they starting it next year..

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