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The Random Thought Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by The Greek, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. That's another 750 picks.

    Anyway, I'm hoping we can get a Forum Mock game off the ground this year.
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  2. Couldn’t be happier to see the Steelers go down. Shitty cap situation and a deteriorating QB with some clear issues on the roster elsewhere. Tomlin was terrible at managing the personalities on that roster this year. Could see them toil away into a rebuild the next couple of years.
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  3. some pretty important free agents to work out too...

    bud dupree
    matt feiler
    tyson alualu
    james conner (not that they'll re-sign him but who's gonna be their running back next year???)
    Cam sutton
    Mike Hilton
  4. Think I'll read the Steelers forum when I get home from work
  5. Crazy to think that if the colts had just pulled out that win we would be having a home division game right now
  6. which win.
  7. Colts vs Bills
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  8. got it
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  9. This popped up in my Facebook memories.... Never forget. Pretty sure Ashley Fox no longer works for them

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  10. Officially 8 years ago today was the Mile High Miracle. How far we have come in 2020...

    2012: Flacco's Mile High Miracle

    2020: Lamar's Bathroom Heroics
  11. Bears, Ravens DC & former Colts HC Chuck Pagano retiring from coaching.

    Wish you the best Chuck!
  12. @JoeyFlex5 , remember that Browns fan video maker we were talking about a few weeks ago? He went IN on the Steelers kinda like how we as a collective have been going in on the Titans.

    Starts at the 3 min mark.

  13. Well my wife just casually sent me a text while at her hair-dressers. Apparently she has, several times, met the niece of Special Teams coach TJ Weist there and not told me. I have DEMANDED she get me a jersey signed by the Wolf-Pack in repayment for this transgression. That is all.
  14. Does anyone think there's a better than 10% chance Cleveland can beat KC? I'm not saying this because of the Steelers game. I'm sure that we or Buffalo would have done the same. I think Cleveland will play respectably, but I have a hard time even giving them a 10% chance to win.
  15. Baker is the oldest QB remaining in the AFC playoffs, would be youngest in NFC.
    Rodgers is second youngest in NFC.
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  16. I concur with the second to last statement of this paragraph. She must pay penance. She a Raven fan too?
  17. My bookie estimates there's a 22.2% chance. I wouldn't be surprised to see them beat KC.
  18. That man has a career as a fucking pro wrestler
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  19. Thats interesting!
  20. Typically the ravens play at 3am to 5am Monday morning my time then I go to work. This week 12pm on a Sunday my time I am going to get super drunk so excited!
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